From the 1st August 2020 we will be conducting sight tests by appointment only. 

Priority will be given to patients with visual symptoms or those with a close family history of glaucoma who are overdue their routine eye test. 

If you are concerned by the close contact necessary during an eye test, we recommend an appointment in the eyeBAR where the majority of the appointment will be without any contact. 

Please call us if you wish to book an appointment and bring a face mask to the appointment.

If you are suffering from headaches or are overdue your routine appointment and over 40 with a close family member who has glaucoma please run the online field test  Vuscope  at home prior to your appointment and save the results to show the optometrist (ideally email them to us).

A sight test designed for computer users is available online for £3.00 at Vutest   If you use a computer I recommend you use this to check your vision today and provide a baseline (save the results).

You can use an Amsler Chart (click to download) to monitor the health of your macular, particularly if you have noticed a recent deterioration of vision.

A free eye chart is available from (click to open in new window). You will need to calibrate it for your screen size and viewing distance.

If you wish to discuss the results, book a telephone consultation with Alex Gaines and send the results to The charge for a telephone consultation is £10 but is free to key workers and people entitled to an NHS sight test during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have up to date attendance at continuing education courses to assure you of our best attention to your eye care.