Spectacle Frames

Spectacles have advanced greatly from the early days of frames designed purely as a functional necessity, to an art form which can make them a joy to wear. Many designs are exciting without famous names. We stock a wide range of frames with prices starting from £20.

We have frames available from the following designers: Oakley, Ray Ban, Ralph Lauren, William Morris, Wolf, Stepper, Silhouette, Flexon and many others.

There is a selection of used reconditioned frames priced at £20. For each frame sold, half of the sale price is paid to charity. In the last few months we  have donated £50 to ALL4MND, £60 to BDMLR Norfolk and Suffolk, and £50 to Macular Society.

Whatever your needs, we will be pleased to make spectacles that suit you and your budget.

In our on site laboratory, frames are electronically traced, and the lenses glazed to align with the centres of your eyes.

Spectacle Lenses

  • Fog free lenses (Optifog) are available to prevent misting when wearing a mask. They require daily activation with a special cloth which needs to be renewed every 3 months. They have a hydrophilic coating which works very well indoors and in dry weather but do not perform well in rainy weather because the rain coats the lenses causing blurring.
  • New lenses MiYOSMART and Stellest are available to reduce the progression of short sight in children.
  • Plastic lenses with a refractive index of up to 1.74, compared with the normal 1.50, are available to reduce the weight and thickness of the lenses.
  • Plastic lenses can be made with flatter, aspheric curvatures which can further reduce thickness of the lenses.
  •  We also manufacture reading lenses which can be attached to a key ring or necklace. The perfect gift for someone who forgets their reading glasses.