We fit and supply all types of contact lenses at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us at orders@eyepractice.co.uk to request a quote for replacement lenses to your existing contact lens specification.

Many types of free trial contact lenses are available, although you may be charged a fitting fee.

Click here for tips on inserting and removing contact lenses.

You can return your used soft contact lenses and blister packs to us for free recycling provided by TerraCycle® and ACUVUE®. Please recycle the foil lids in your own household recycling.

Disposable lenses can be supplied as required (contact us when you need them) or delivered regularly to your home. Our Direct Debit option allows the lenses to be delivered to your home, includes appointments and entitles you to a discount on the price of glasses.

Our contact lens patients are provided with a 24 hour contact number in case of out of hours emergency.

Also available are weekly, monthly and yearly disposable lenses ; monthly disposable extended wear (suitable for overnight wear); Gas permeable; toric (for astigmatism) , multifocal (for presbyopia) and MiSight (to slow down myopia).

Please read the contact lens information leaflet and the instructions for the solutions you are using. If possible, wear your contact lenses and bring your lens case to any appointments at eyepractice.

Always remove your lenses and wear glasses if your eye(s) becomes red or sore. Contact us if your eye(s) do not recover within a few hours.

We strongly recommend that you keep an up to date pair of glasses and wear them regularly so that your eyes can adapt quickly if you need to start wearing glasses again.