The eyeBAR.

The eyeBAR is equipped with an automatic phoropter which is controlled by the optometrist in the adjacent room. It allows us to find your spectacle prescription and check your visual acuity, without the need for you to enter the main building.

It is ideal for people who wish to reduce time in close contact with staff, patients and the optometrist.  It does not allow the optometrist to look inside or check the pressure inside your eyes, so is not a thorough eye health check. If the optometrist feels further tests are necessary, you will be asked to come in to the main consulting room for a short period of time, wearing a face mask.

If you have an appointment booked at the eyeBAR, please knock or use the bell to let us know you have arrived. The optometrist will come to the front of the building and show you the way. Please do not attend the appointment if you are feeling unwell or have had any recent contact with anyone suffering from symptoms of Covid-19.

A refraction at the eyeBAR is free to patients who would normally qualify for an NHS sight test. The fee to private patients is £30.